Ship Your Luggage with SF Express Enjoy 20% Off Discount
Ship your luggage from the United States to Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau areas to enjoy 20% off discount ! The discount price is as low as USD2.49/LB for Mainland China and as low as USD2.48/LB for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas.
* The lowest price applies only to baggage drop-off to the designated self-service outlet below
Shipping Process
Shipping Instructions 1.Preparation
1 ) Shipper and receiver MUST be the same person; shipper can only be person
instead of company, shipment can only be shipped under 1 HAWB or mother and child shipment
2 ) The consignee and phone number on HAWB must be valid.
3 ) Luggage should fulfil personal shipment requirements, basic principle is to be personal use
4 ) Personal luggage must be old(used) products. Product must be unwrapped; DO NOT
pickup shipments with both used and unused products; medicines are not allowed to be
imported; pieces must be reasonable for “ personal use”, for example, 10 facial cleansing
are obviously not reasonable for “personal use”
5 ) Shipments with total value not exceeding CNY5000 will not be subject to customs taxes
6 ) Prohibited items are not allowed
2.MUST- HAVE DOCUMENTS for Luggage Shipment from US to Chinese Mainland
A.Collect the following documents before you leave the country
1)Personal Luggage Packing List will need to be completed and attach along with shipments
B. Collect the following documents upon arrival
1)Customs Declaration Form - (can be picked up and be sealed when going through airport customs)
ps. After Chinese Business Agent connected you, you shall post your Declaration Original Form with your luggage's SF number to the assigned place.
2)Chinese ID Copy
4)Passport Stamp Page (travelers with electronic signatures should print out proof of entry)
5)Passport Photo Page
6)Passport Visa Page (Expiry date of the VISA should be earlier than the shipments handover date)
C. For the documents required to be collected after arrival, you can submit via email or our official website
2 )Website URL:
3.100% Inspection Required
Your package must be opened for inspection before it is shipped:
1 ) Pieces must be reasonable for “personal use”, for example, 10 facial cleansers are obviously not reasonable for “personal use”
2 ) Prohibited items: New/unopened items, supplements, medicines, or any type of food and electronics. (General export and import regulations apply)
How to ship personal luggage with SF Express1.Call our Customer Service Hotline at 1855 901 1133 for any additional questions
2.Drop off your shipments at our service points.
Los Angeles Service Stations
SF Express Los Angeles – LAX Location
2805 W. EI Segundo Blvd. Suite 1 and 3 Hawthorne, CA 90250
New York Service Stations
• SF Express New York City – JFK Location
• 230-39 International Airport Center Blvd Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
Drop-off service location:
Los Angeles Chinatown in San Gabriel city (Postalink Express)
Address: 625 E Valley Blvd #B, San Gabriel, CA 91776 Customer Hotline: (626) 460-9739
• Cal State LA (U and Me Postal)
Address: 300 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91803    Customer Hotline: (626) 284-8949
•UC Berkeley(CA Communication)
Address: 429-B 9th Street Oakland, CA 94607  Customer Hotline: (510) 422-8676
• UCLA(AIM Mall Center 4)
Address: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 9040  Customer Hotline: (310) 315-1818
• USC (Village Mailbox)
3006 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90007   Customer Hotline: (323) 730-4800
Terms and Conditions 1)For promotion rate, please contact with our Customer Service Hotline at 1855 901 1133 or email to
2)Minimum weight per shipments should be 30lbs.
3)This promotion is only eligible for luggage shipments from the United States to Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan areas .
4)Offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.