Alert on Telephone Fraud

  • Dear Customers,

    Recently, our company has received calls from our customers in the United States, saying that they had received calls purporting to be from SF's employees. The caller/message sender requested for personal and bank account information from the customers on call or in SMS by claiming that a shipment was to be delivered to the customers or a shipment for the customers was detained.

    Please be advised that SF fully respects the individual privacy of our customers, strictly abides by relevant laws and regulation on personal information protection, and will not ask our customers to enter or provide any personal or bank account information in any form or for any reason. To protect your personal interests, we kindly remind you to raise the awareness of risk prevention, and treat with caution when receiving such phone calls or SMS. For shipment information, we recommend you to make inquiries by official ways designated by S.F. Express so as to prevent from any losses.

    You may track your shipment at:

    1. Official website of S.F. United States:

    2. S.F. International WeChat account: SF-b2c


    If you have any doubt on the authenticity  of any calls or SMSes received, please contact our SF hotline at 9533883 for verification.

    Thank you for your attention and support!


    SF Express