Standard Express

  • Service Introduction

    SF Express provides efficient and convenient Mainland China Express Service with a strong distribution network.

  • Service Area

    There are over 12,000 service points in Mainland China covering regions such as the South, East, Central and North China etc.

  • Parcel Classification

    Standard Express Service include document and parcel express.

  • Freight

    Please click here for the details of Hong Kong export rates (Mainland China).

  • Notice for Use

    • Shipments collected from or delivered to Hong Kong's residential address will be subject to HKD 20 surcharge. Shipments collected from or delivered to Hong Kong's Remote Areas will be subject to HKD 20 service charge. Payment method of the above service charges can be bounded with the shipping charges (either paid by shippers or receivers).


    • For Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please click here.