Address Correction

  • Service Introduction

    To fulfill your needs, customers can request to change the delivery address before the shipment is successfully delivered.

  • Service Area

    Hong Kong and Macau

  • Charges (Same District)

    Redelivery shipment to address, SF self-operated network points in the same district, or to any SF Parcel Locker:The service charge will be exempted

    For example, the delivery destination is changed from Fortress Hill Service Center (852P) to Quarry Bay Service Centre (852PA)


    Payment method:

    Paid by consignee/ third party

  • Charges (Different District)

    Redelivery shipment from the address or SF self-operated network points to different district:HKD/ MOP/RMB 10 (The service charge of HKD 10 can be paid by TWD according to the monthly exchange rate. Please click here for the currency exchange rate.)


    For example, the delivery destination is changed from Tin Hau SF Store (852PJL) to Mei Foo SF Store (852DBL)


    Payment Method:

    Paid by consignee / Paid by third party

  • Notice for Use

    • Delivery fee will be charged when delivery destination is changed to Taiwan, Mainland China or international countries.


    • For Terms and Conditions ofAddress Correction Service, please click here.


    • For Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please click here.